Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Be Jammin'

Oh, I love jammin'. Which is a good thing, since I have picked or purchased 48 lbs of strawberries this June!

So far this year:

Strawberry Jam with Vanilla Bean and Honey

Strawberry Jam with Vanilla Bean and Agave

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Tayberry Jam with Bramble Bush Honey.

And I've just begun...

I love Pomona's Pectin because you don't have to add as much sugar, or even sugar at all. I've been mainly making my jams now with honey or agave. I use about 4 cups mashed berries, one split vanilla bean and about 1 cup of honey or agave.

There will probably be another batch of strawberry jam and at least one more of tayberry in my near future. I was so happy to see tayberries at Emma Lea today. Hurray! I must go back to the u-pick soon. I loooooove them! Then we'll move on to raspberry, apricot, peach...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zucchini Never Looked So Good

I had to document this accomplishment!

Roxy's Birthday Cake.

Three Tiers for Three Decades.

It's Chocolate-Zucchini Cake, because that is what she loves. I swear, this cake is my one and only reason for growing zucchini in my garden. Well, that and a few other yuumy baked goods. As a vegetable side dish? That rarely crosses my mind. As a base for sugar, butter, spices and flour? Oh yeah.

Happy Birthday Roxanne!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

And The Final Bell Has Rung

School's out!

I have been out of blog action for a few months - oops. No camera, no time, and probably other excuses too. I'm too tired to think of them right now.

But I now have a lovely new camera - a Canon G10 that I got for Mother's Day - woohoo! As soon as I can figure out how to make enough memory in my darn computer to download my many new photos, I'll really be back in action!

But for now, I am just glad to say that school is out.

We love our little Annex, we really do. But we are not morning people. Well, we used to be early risers (and I still am), but we weren't get-up-and-go-ers, if that makes sense. We'd rather get up early and hang out in our pjs most of the morning, drinking tea and reading. My kids have moved into a later sleeping schedule, so it is so great to not have to wake them up every morning and drag them out the door. Please, oh please, children, keep going with the 9:30am wake-ups you've been doing on the weekends. How lovely a summer will I have then? I mean, that would be about 2 hours every morning to myself!

We also aren't very good at schedules and having to be certain places at certain times so we are day-camp/summer camp free! That means lots of days to fill for me as the summer break is ten weeks. Right now I am super excited, but I know after two days listening to the Bickersons (as I call my two older kids) I will be counting down the weeks until school begins again! Oh, I hope not.

We have started our Summer List. They aren't finished yet; most likely we will add to it over the next day or two. I'll post it here when it is done so I have to follow through!
As in the above photo, one thing on my list for sure is eating outside as many days as possible! That photo was taken back in May, I think. I can't believe how much the garden has grown since then. June has been good to us this year. Although looking at the photo is reminding me of the loaded raspberry bushes that we promptly killed a day or so later by moving to another area. What idiots we were. Lucky for us, those raspberries have forgiven us in the past and come back to bless us with their yumminess the following year. I am mourning the raspberry vodka I make with our garden berries every year. Although it will taste pretty awesome with u-pick berries too! Yummmmm.
Summer vacation. Awesome.