Sunday, November 21, 2010

She Is Born

My sister had a baby on Thursday morning. It was an awesome birth at home, surrounded by friends and family, and the most treasured midwives. Faire was so excited to go, and she was so amazing - right in where all the action was, ignoring the extremely-frequent cursing coming from Colleen, and just enjoying the whole process. At one quiet moment, she said to the midwife and I, "This is going to change my life". Umm, yes, we all melted. The midwives had her help to weigh baby, and also gave her a full "tour" of the placenta, telling her it was training because they think she'll be a midwife when she grows up.
Oh, I can dream, can't I?
Anyway, a baby!
Brynn Elizabeth, welcome to our chaotic family! You will be treasured and loved! And I will knit you more 70s-style ski touques with pompoms to join the one Uncle Jay wore in 1974! Believe me, Auntie Bonnie can do better than acrylic, my little sweetie!
(photo above of Brynn with her big sister Maya)