Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okanagan Abundance

Kyla, Roxanne and I took a road trip up to Kelowna for a weekend of canning. Sarah, who lives there in the summers, had worked her magic at the farmer's Market. She had found lovely, unsprayed peaches (60 lbs), tomatoes (90 lbs), and pickling cukes (40 lbs) for us, along with 60 lbs of organic heirloom tomatoes for herself. The plan was to lounge on the dock and in the boat on Friday (the only forecasted hot day), canning Friday night and all day Saturday, a bit more on Sunday with a break for Kyla, Sarah and I to drive to Okanagan Falls for the Feast of Fields, then home again Monday. family's favourite winter treat.

Everything ready for pickles (notice our amazing view?)

Heirlooms, getting ready to roast.

Crushed tomatoes, bubbling away.

Sweet success! (literally. we've never tasted such sweet tomatoes)

We took the long way home, packed into Roxy's smallish car, floorboard to roof with boxes of full canning jars, then every other space stuffed with local produce from the farm stands in Keromeos. I love the beautiful scenery on the old highway.