Monday, January 12, 2009

Come On In

Well, Ive been wanting to knit myself a tea cozy for quite some time now, and I finally did it the other day. The photos were terrible, though. However, knitting myself a tea cozy made me think about all the things I love about a hot cup of tea, and also what I like to do while I am enjoying said cup. One such thing was checking out my favourite blogs, which made me think that "The Tea Cozy" would be a good name for a blog, which made me suddenly sign up for a blog named "The Tea Cozy". Hmmm, what did I learn from this? Perhaps not to knit any more tea cozies, for fear of what I might sign up for next??

I have enjoyed much inspiration from my favourite blogs and I am hoping that having one of my own will continue to inspire me:

To see the joy in my day

To capture and remember my children as they are now, through photos and words

To try new things, and

Follow through on them

So you are welcome to pour yourself a cup of tea, and join me.

Come on in...

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  1. Ooooh, so excited to have a new read!!! Can't wait to follow my domestic goddess and her lovely family!