Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!

This is Sarah and I back in 1997. We lived on Trout Lake then, in a funky little house that is no longer there. We met in college but it was in this house that our friendship and sisterhood truly began. Oh, we had some damn good times in that house! And in the one that followed, but this little spot on the Lake holds a special place in my heart.

We navigated young adulthood together, and although our lifestyles were different, our hearts were the same. When my daughter was just about a year old, we both found ourselves pregnant (together!) and gave birth five days apart to boys. We began navigating motherhood together, and, really, we are still navigating, because Mamahood is never quite a smooth sail. But she is my lighthouse, and I am hers, and often we don't need advice from each other, but simply a confirmation of what our instincts told us anyway. We think a lot alike.

She is now a Mama of three, like I am, and we are thrilled to share girl clothes (finally!) and share chaotic but wonderful afternoons or evenings together with our 6-pack of kids. Sometimes we even get time alone (or nearly alone, but Juma is so easy-going she hardly counts!), like last weekend when we hit a craft fair and then had a leisurely lunch afterwards. Bliss! And even after all those hours together, I still wanted to call her about an hour after I got home to continue talking. Her husband will sometimes say "Didn't you just spend the afternoon together???" because he can't imagine what more we'd need to talk about.

What does my husband say?? "She's pretty much a better husband to you than I am".

You know, he may be right.

Happy Birthday Girl! I love you dearly!


  1. oh my darling! feels like a lifetime ago, yet not so far.

  2. My goodness that photo is priceless. How cute you both look! Wonderful to have a friendship like this. Goodness knows we need them or we'd drive our husbands even crazier than we already do ;)