Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Rainy Saturday Morning

November has been grey and wet in Vancouver. I really can't complain because we had a long hot summer, but the single day of crisp, clear skies yesterday was a welcome respite. However, I was born and raised here, so if I'm not used to the wet, who would be? I don't know any different. And my advice for lifting sprits in this weather? Awesome rainboots. Trust me, it works. At least until mid-February or so, and then it wears off during the rains of March, April, May and June...(sigh)

But I digress. On this rainy Saturday, with Jay out helping a friend move, and me at home with the kids, we are hanging out in front of the fire. I am knitting, which is what I'm doing Every. Single. Moment. in the lead up to Christmas. Lots of handmade gifts this year. At one point I looked up and saw this:
Three happy kids sharing (sharing!) Lego and buttered toast (which Faire made so I didn't even have to get up!). The room felt so peaceful, I almost didn't recognise it. Life with Isla isn't so very peaceful for us these days. Small But Deadly, we call her. And she's eating Lego, not toast, but we'll overlook that, shall we? Jay left Faire in charge of keeping the fire going while he was out (he knows I always neglectfully let it die down) and she was doing a fine job of it. Shawn Mullins was playing in the background. I had my well-loved slippers, legwarmers and new flannel pyjama pants on, and knitting on my lap:Does it get any better? I'm working on the second Toasty. Love this pattern. This set is for Faire's teacher. I'll make another for Shea's. I'm using Rowan felted tweed for the first time and I love the feel, and the colours. This photo is a little dark but it is a lovely plum colour. I believe there will be many more of these in my future. I need them in every colour!

If this is what rainy Saturdays bring, I say bring 'em on.


  1. Omigod - I wish I knew you had the same trapped feeling as I this morning. I would have brought my kids to come over and eat Lego and knitted alongside!! My first cloche is coming along sloooooowly. Keira just went down and I gotta go pick up my needles.

    I covet those arm warmers, they are gorgeous! Maybe they would help cover up my dyed hands? I am far less generous and am only doing apple-holders for the preschool teachers! haha

  2. I love that those don't have any seams. And what a funny,cute write up about your kids. Are you on ravelry?

  3. Ravelry and flickr are my two Christmas-holiday projects.
    I really need to photograph all these projects I complete! I give them away too fast!