Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day 2010

We had a picnic dinner on the beach to celebrate Earth Day. It was a lovely, mild day but it was bloody cold at the beach that evening! Worth it for the view, though. So worth it.

Isla is so near the end of toddlerhood. The girl doesn't stop chattering away (hmmm, like her sister?) and every moment of the day is spent doing things "by myself". We need to don full body armour to offer assistance. If we offer at a time she does NOT want it, we're in for it! Oh, this little one of mine is hugely entertaining. No matter how hard the day has been (oh, there have been some hard days), at the end of them, I'm still having a laugh about something she has said or done.

Every milestone passed is one I won't get to experience again. Some I am quite happy to bid farewell to. But others are bittersweet.
As I snapped this photo, I wondered how much longer I'd get to gaze upon dimpled hands?

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  1. Such a sweet post. It *is* so bittersweet isn't it? So hard and yet so lovely. Parenting is a crazy job indeed.