Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sugar Overload: Days 7 & 8 of Advent

On the 7th Day of Advent, my Mama gave to me...
Hot Cocoa in the Bathtub!
Wow, young kids are easy to impress. I remember this being a highlight last year. Once again, I got top Mama points. Even Faire, who'd rather shower these days than soak in a tub, was excited. I didn't take any photos, because, well, most of them seem to old to have bathtub photos on the internet, you know?
Today they got to eat their Gingerbread House. Finally, the whining has stopped. I can't remember the last time the house was so quiet as when they were tearing that house apart. No bickering, no way, wouldn't want to draw attention to themselves because then Mama might change her mind about the whole thing!
They didn't think the house tasted very good (not surprising to me) so they just ate the candy. Sigh...
Tomorrow we are getting our tree! Can't wait!
Now I'm off to knit, which is what I've been doing pretty much every spare moment. Hats, and wrist warmers, and cowls, oh my. I'm trying to be Zen about the whole thing, but it's hard to admit I might not actually be able to pull it all off and have any semblance of a relaxing holiday. I'm slowly coming to terms with it...I've got other things up my sleeve if the knitting doesn't work out!

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