Monday, December 6, 2010

Where Does the Time Go? Days 3-6 of Advent

Wow, time is flying!

It has been a busy, busy weekend. Not a lot of Holiday Activity. I hosted a baby shower for my sister and Brynn on Sunday, and we raced to redo our bathroom and fuss around with other parts of the house in time for 20 women to arrive for brunch.

On Friday, the kids got to decorate a gingerbread house with a kit they received from a woman who works with J. The best part?? We sent them over to my Mom's to do it! Woohoo! I will have to remember that next year, although she swears she's running away next time I "suggest"it! Now we have to listen to daily whining about when they get to eat the darn guess is soon, so I can stop listening to it!

On Saturday, we did a whole lot of this:

My poor sister is having a rough go with feeding little Brynn. I told her to come over and lie down on my couch for the day. We got the house ready for her baby shower while holding Brynn, and helping Colleen through some rough patches. She had lunch and dinner with us, and left in a much better emotional and physical place. I hope for her sake that her body heals soon, and that they settle into the lovely rhythm of breastfeeding that I enjoyed. I certainly know it is not easy for many women, but it breaks my heart to see my sister suffering.

On Sunday, after the baby shower, the kids decorated their little tree in the playroom.
After dinner, we needed fresh air and exercise so we headed out for a neighbourhood walk to search for holiday lights. They are few and far between in this neck of the woods, so it was a good walk. Isla just loves the lights. Her excitement is so fun to witness right now.

Today after school, we pulled out the Christmas colouring/doodle books and had family colouring time. It's been many years since I sat with a cool picture and coloured pencils. Fun!

I bought this "intricate ornaments" colouring book last year and it's really nice! Cool patterns, and enjoyable for Mamas and Dads too!

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