Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 9: The Annual Gathering of the Family

Loryl and Barry hosted the annual gathering of the Jarvis clan at their home in Qualicum Beach. This year there were 43 of us. What I love most is that most of us see each other once a year, but as soon as we say "hello", we pick up where we left off. I love this family I married into.
Jason, with Shea and Isla.

Sweet Mira.

The lovely woman on the left is the newest "addition" to the clan. She is expecting twins in November! This will be great-grandchildren numbers 18 and 19 for Jay's grandma.

Al and Jason, admiring the view.

Carl impressed us all with is guitar-playing skills. Al also played a bit, then Marilyn (my mom-in-law) sang later in the evening.

Dan and Johanne. He's like a brother to Jay, and they simply live too far away from us. They are leaving for Australia in January for a year, which means we won't see them next summer. We're trying not to think about that.

Cousins. Dan, Kelly, and Jason. These three always have a great time together.

Faire and her Daddy.
Shea Boy.

Too bad the view was so bad.

At the end of the night, all the kids got flashlights.

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