Saturday, July 10, 2010


Knit with Zephyr Laceweight (50% wool/ 50% tussah silk) Less than one skein. Added an extra repeat, and wondered why it still seemed so much smaller than I wanted. As I knit the last row, it came to my attention that I was knitting it with a 3mm needle, not a 4mm needle. I have no idea how that mistake came to be, but the next one will be knit with the 4mm. Oh yes, there will be another. I'm casting on with Sweet Georgia laceweight in the Botanical colourway. So beautiful.

It's soft and lovely and perfect for all seasons. Love love love.


  1. Less than one skein? That's my kind of project. Are you on ravelry?

  2. Yes, I'm on Ravelry. Doulabonnie.
    I haven't updated my projects since December though.
    Yeah, this Zephyr laceweight has 600+yards and it's only $15.50! Got it at three bags full.
    Citron was an easy pattern, just time-consuming for the last bit.

  3. SO PRETTY!!!! I may have to copy you (much like the Side Slip Cloche)... always a trendsetter, you are :)