Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 10 of Advent: Trimming the Tree

Oh, my most favourite activity!

And this year, after we found our tree as a family, J and I got to decorate it alone after the kids were in bed. Practically a date, with wine and all! (although then I had to take his opinions into consideration...)When we were done, Faire got up and added one of her own. It's just so pretty in the living room when the tree is lit. I'm sad every year when it has to come down. And the old holiday vinyl on the record player just made it all perfect.

My sister and I spent the day together in the kitchen Not being Domestic Goddesses. Hell, we just just followed each screw-up with another. We were baking for our Grandma Dixie's funeral. She died on Sunday after a full and happy life. She was the original Domestic Goddess; knitting, baking, cooking, sewing, etc. Most of my skillzz have been passed down from her.

She loved cardinals. They were a part of her "decor". Last year, when I saw these, I thought of her. They made me smile when I put them on the tree tonight.

Love you, Grandma Dixie. Don't worry, Colleen and I will will figure out the fudge and pass the recipe on to the next generation.

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  1. Grandma Dixie always made me laugh. From her lack of recognizing me every time I saw her (different hair every time) to the comment that had us all in hysterics...that I resembled Oprah (it was the shoes!)

    May you continue to smile Dixie!
    xo S