Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 24 of Advent: Let the Merry-Making Begin!

We are in a constant flurry of activity around here, but it feels like nice "work" so it hasn't been stresssful. Holiday music, wine, tea, and treats help. Also kitchen helpers.

Shea helped me make our favourite ginger cookies for Santa this afternoon. Other kitchen wizardry today included:
Almond "roca"
vanilla marshmallows
strawberry marshmallows
toasted coconut marshmallows
two pumpkin-kuri squash pies

I think I'm forgetting something but I'm too tired to think too much about it. It is getting close to midnight, and the stockings are hung, cookies and milk set out, and kiddies asleep. J and I are tagging and stuffing up a storm.

We spent the evening in Maple Ridge with some family (oh, the drive to and from Maple Ridge is painfully long to us!) and the kids came home overly tired. We set out Santa's treats and read a couple of our favourite stories (Faire and I each read one story).
Shea set out the Lego he received tonight on the kitchen table so we can admire it while eating raspberry-rhubarb pie for breakfast tomorrow.
Three generations working on the Star wars Lego.

I hope your holidays are full of merry-making and holly jollies!

Merry Merry Christmas!

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