Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 15 of Advent: Tower of Toasties

Christmas Gift Knitting Update:

Major progress. All it takes is a movie or two, really. I forced myself to take the "second sock" to the couch while we watched Julie and Julia and powered through the worst of it. The next time I force myself to knit it, I will finish! I am thinking I may not be a sock knitter after all...oh well. They will be well-loved by the recipient, I just know it.

I am finishing up my fifth Toasty. Love the pattern, but perhaps getting a tad bored of it at this point. I think I could knit it while sleeping now. However, through an unforseen series of events (which is really not very interesting) I now have a pair for myself! Yes, amidst all the gift knitting, I have a little something to keep! Bliss. Another pair is for my niece to match her hat, one each for the teachers, and one for...Vicki. Yes, you, Vicki. The ones with turquoise that you loved. Because I love you. And because your hands are cold, as you say. And especially because I want you to embroider something for me and the thought of embroidery makes my eyes roll back in my head.
After school, we ate a mini cupcake and had local, hot apple cider for a snack. It was so yummy, and felt so Christmassy. I am feeling like the next couple of days will be busy so hopefully I will remember to post! I'm trying for the whole 24 days of Advent, but we'll see. Tomorrow I am baking for the kids' school Bake Sale, the Out Of The Cold Project (the kids make gifts bags for less fortunate folks in the school community) and also for my Grandma's funeral. I am going to attempt that %$#&* fudge again, so tomorrow I may be too drunk to post. Just a warning.
Off to put my feet up and watch a holiday movie. But I'm not knitting that sock!


  1. Can you hear my squeals of delight from 'across the river'????!!!! My heart fluttered when I saw the picture of the stack-o-toasties...and then I saw MY name!!! Seriously, don't let me guilt you into gifting me a pair - that wasn't the reason I gushed whenever I saw you working on them. If however, the turquoise toasties reeeeeally need a good home, I will gladly brush up my stitching skills for a return favour ;-). Many thanks to you, my queen of all things domestic.
    Loads of love,
    Vicki (the girl with real cold hands...)

  2. Feels good to finish stuff and put it all together, hey? I've got a stack o' cloches... my index finger pads are so sore from poking needle ends.