Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 14 of Advent: Autumn Rainbow Silk

Day 14...does this mean I only have 10 days to get my gifts made? (gulp)

I needed a break from knitting today (not a good thing on this deadline!) so I decided to dye an autumn rainbow on a long playsilk. I bought it at Maiwa, for local folks. I am giving it to Isla for Christmas with a set of wooden playclips from Natural Pod. It's one of those things I've long felt was a great, useful thing, but never bought. When I finally brought them home from the Waldorf Fair, my kids were hard at work making a fort, trying to keep the blankets from falling down on them, and Jason was impressed with the clips (although I wouldn't let him give them to the kids - they're for Christmas!) As usual, he rolls his eyes when I head out to the Craft Fairs this time of year but he always thinks I get the "best stuff". Maybe next year he'll skip the eye-rolling, but I doubt it.

Anyhooo...dying playsilks. Easy for the most part, but much harder when you're trying to do a rainbow of sorts. I hung it outside to dry for an hour and it froze. Not surprising. I hung it over the shower curtain rod next and used clothespins to weigh down the ends to straighten it a bit. I really like how the colours turned out. And I think Isla will love making little forts with it.

Another gift done!

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  1. Very pretty! I'd love to tackle rainbows next... year.