Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 17 of Advent: The Bake Sale

Last year, for the Bake Sale, I made gingerbread fairy wands. I baked gingerbread "sticks" and stars, then iced them together and decorated them. They sold fast, and were requested again this year. However, with the funeral tomorrow, and all the work in the kitchen that has come with that, I cheated a bit. I simply made a fancier star shape and stuck a lollipop stick in it before I baked them. They're not as good as last year's, but oh well. They will still be well-received, I'm sure.
Just ignore the dusty chandellier, okay?

Hard at work.

My sweet boy.

Isla wanted to help soooo badly! She decorated one, but started eating the second. We just let her eat the treats off it, and redecorate it over and over again to keep her happy and occupied. I'm sure you've guessed she loved that!

At the school Bake Sales, anything on a stick goes fast!

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