Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 5 of Advent: Home Alone (sorta)

I left this morning to head out to my Aunt's for our annual sausage roll-making extravaganza. Yum. Lean pork from local, free range pigs as opposed to those frozen thingys in the stores? No contest. We take it very seriously, although we never remember each year how exactly we "assembly line" ourselves, so the first few attempts are usually comical. We eat enough to put ourselves off sausage rolls for the next while and freeze them to use over the holidays. Oh, sausage rolls. Old school, yes?
I tried to take a photo for the blog while I was there, but the ridiculousness of photographing a sausage roll made it impossible. My uncle was trying to be a food stylist with Christmas ornaments and we were all laughing too hard about it by them to hold the camera steady anyway. I'm sure none of you reading will miss the photo, right?

The kids are at a hockey game tonight with their Dad and Pop Pop. J was given tickets and so, hey, make it part of the advent activity calendar, right? Originally he thought we could all go, and Isla could sit on a lap, but I told him to take his Dad, leave the toddler with me, and now that she is asleep, I am Home Alone (sorta). I totally worked that to my advantage. We mamas know "home alone" doesn't happen all that often. I tried to get going on knitting J's gift while he was out of the picture, but I twisted my stitches (damn!) which I didn't notice for an inch or so and now have had to rip it out. Guess I'll finish Faire's second legwarmer. Or the "second sock" (oh, that second sock is going to kill me!). Nah, I'll continue to procrastinate about that until the week before Christmas. I work better under pressure.

Second legwarmer while watching Miracle on 34th Street. With Baileys.

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