Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 6 of Advent: The Parade

It was Parade Day today, and Vancouver lucks out with the weather most years. But, oh, it was freezing! We were bundled right up and still felt cold.

My favourite part of the parade, always. Must be the Scottish blood and the fact that I once played the pipes. I get choked up each and every time I hear them. However, we always sit in the same spot at the Parade, and they always break between songs at this spot! Next year, I will remember to sit further down the route so I can get the full effect of pipe band. I will.
Now that I have thawed I am having my first rum and eggnog of the season, listening to Bing Crosby (with Faire on back-up), and flipping through some holiday food magazines I got from the library. Life is very sweet indeed.

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