Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 23 of Advent: Wrapping It Up

Ahh, the final preparations for the Big Day(s)...

J and I had a small list of errands we hoped to accomplish today and Graham and Kyla graciously took our kids off our hands so we could do so.

Not wanting , or really needing, to do the "mall" thing, we hit South Granville Street. We knocked off our to-do list quickly, strolling hand in hand, and breathing crisp winter air, and even had a late brunch at cafe Barney before picking up the kiddos. Oh, that is surely the way to shop!
I noticed all my family wearing hats today handknit by me, so I had to get photos.

Kim's Hats, from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. Love this pattern. I have knit so many now I can do it in my sleep (hmmm, much like the Toasties!) Nearly every one of my family members has one now. They keep requesting, and I can't say no!

Sweet Baby Cap for Isla, and Side Slip Cloche for moi.
If nothing else this winter, our heads are warm!
Advent Activity of the day: Faire went to work on our old holidays cards, cutting them up and making tags for our gifts. And Sarah's boys, Kai and River, have joined us for a sleepover. We loaded up the van and tried to take them all to the Festival of Lights at VanDusen, but when we arrived at 8pm, the line up was 45 minutes long. Ummm, no. Hot chocolate, popcorn, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon version) was decided by the five (five!) of them.
Now they are tucked into bed, and have fallen almost instantly, amazingly, to sleep (told you they got the crazies out at your house two nights ago Sarah! haha!) I am knitting the last few inches of my last Toasty and then I am DONE. Knitting accomplished, which I am ever so proud of, especially with lots of holiday merry-making taking away from knitting time, and a funeral in there to boot. Knowing me, I'll pick up needles tomorrow and "just whip up another gift since I have an extra day"... J will confiscate my knitting basket if I do that, I think.
Two more sleeps!!

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