Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3 of Advent: Snow Fairies and the Perfect Afternoon

What a sweet little project.

I bought the Snow Fairies kit a couple of years ago from Natural Pod. I didn't think the kids were quite old enough to manage it without a lot of help from me until this year.

Faire is always down with the crafty projects, although she struggled a bit with this one so she was frustrated. She wants me to get the supplies to make more so she can do it "the way she really wanted to".

Shea was surprisingly keen. He's so excited each day to see what the Advent activity is. It's pretty awesome to see that excitement about something other than Star Wars Lego! And he happily tried sewing for the first time!


Sweet little snow fairies on a dusty chandelier ;)


On another note, I had a perfect afternoon.

I was knitting for the first time with Noro (love!), there was a ginger cookie within easy reach, the toddler was sleeping (at least that's what I thought but she appeared ten minutes later) and the sun was shining through the window. I looked down at myself and thought that I needed a picture of this perfect moment. What you don't see is the bowl of popcorn and cup of tea within easy reach to my left. See what I mean? Perfect moment.

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